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Iryna’s Big Christmas Party for Her Community in Western Ukraine

Iryna Matviyiv invites us to witness what life's like in Lviv and how Christmas this year still will be a celebration of joy and hope.

By Ben McEachenSaturday 24 Dec 2022Hope MorningsChristmasReading Time: 1 minute

Iryna Matviyiv and her family live in Lviv, the Ukrainian city closest to the Polish border.

During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Lviv has become home for the greatest number of internal refugees.

The huge increase in population has caused ongoing power and infrastructure issues.

Heading further into the European winter as Christmas approaches, Iryna was able to speak with Hope Mornings from Lviv – in between electricity outages.

Iryna and her husband lead New Hope, a Christian support and outreach network linked with European Christian Mission.

Involved with church planting, a pre-school, youth ministry and other charitable programs, New Hope also cares for Ukrainian people displaced by war.

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This Jesus-centred love for neighbours in need has led to some incredible moments of joy amid suffering and struggle.

Iryna shared how one family found faith in Jesus through their refugee experience.

She also explained how Christmas in Lviv is still set to be a big celebration for the New Hope community.

A celebration of God’s greatness, joy and hope, despite the continued conflict in Iryna’s beloved Ukraine.

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