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12 Games and Activities for Christmas

Have fun and get a little silly this Christmas with these games and activities.

By Hope 103.2Thursday 16 Dec 2021ChristmasReading Time: 3 minutes

12 Games and Activities for Christmas…

We hope you enjoy this list of fun games and activities to keep you entertained and laughing throughout the Christmas season. Whether you want to up the laughs with your family on Christmas Day or want ideas while the kids are on summer holidays, we have you covered!

1. Christmas Celebrity Heads. Use only Christmas-related characters (Father Christmas, one of Santa’s reindeer, a classic Christmas movie character, etc.) or Christmas song/movie titles. Write them all on sticky notes, pull one out of a Santa’s hat for each forehead and start guessing.

Bonus games: substitute Celebrity Heads with Charades or Pictionary.

2. Oven Mitt Unwrap. Want to extend the Christmas gift unwrap? Play Oven Mitt Unwrap! Each person must unwrap their Christmas gift while wearing oven mitts, time it and have a small extra gift for the person who can get the quickest time.

3. Guess the Christmas Smell. Get yourself or others to make your own Christmas scent in a jar with Christmas items like cinnamon, Peppermint, pine needles, etc. Blindfold, smell and guess the ingredients.

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4. Christmas Storytime. Craft a Christmas story together one sentence at a time. One person starts with just one sentence and each person adds to the story one after the other with just one sentence. Make it more difficult by choosing a theme and three key elements that must be included.

5. Family Christmas Trivia. Have everyone write something about themselves down when they arrive and then read them out while everyone guesses who the trivia is about.

6. Christmas Movie Bingo. Print out a generic bingo board and write your own bingo items in or find a Christmas Movie Bingo board online to print.

7. Face the Gingerbread Person. Place a gingerbread person on your forehead and shimmy it down, without using hands, till you can take a bite out of the gingerbread before it drops.

8. Christmas Would You Rather. Perfect for the adults, especially if you need to get conversations started, after dinner while having a hot chocolate or two. Have each person write a Christmas-themed would you rather hypothetical question on a slip of paper (or find some online). Add to a Santa hat and chose them at random for the group to answer.

9. Rudolph Race. Place red pompoms on one side of the room with some Vaseline (or whatever will allow the pompom to stick to your nose) and some images of Rudolph on the other side with some Vaseline dotted on his nose. Players have one minute to get as many of the red noses on as many Rudolphs as possible without using their hands – only their noses. Find more Christmas-themed minute-to-win-it style games at Play Party Plan.

10. Christmas Family Feud. Divide into two teams with one person acting as the host (the one who creates the questions and can stay impartial). Prepare ahead and ask questions and get answers beforehand or use online questions and answers. Then get ready to play Family Feud. Haven’t seen the show before? A Subtle Revelry has a run-down of how you can play.

11. Santa Hat Guess. Simple and fun, this game is a great one to entertain the kids on the fly. All you need is a Santa hat and whatever items/toys you have around. Place the item in the hat and have someone have to guess what it is by feeling through the Santa hat.

12. Reindeer Ring Toss. Put on some reindeer antler headbands, grab a few soft ring toss hoops, pair up and see how many rings you can get hooked onto the antlers from a few feet away.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! 

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