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12 Days of Christmas Character: Gifts of the Heart that Don’t Cost a Cent

A day-by-day collection of 12 free Christmas gifts you can give your family - character traits like love, cheerfulness, patience, kindness and joy.

By Hope 103.2Monday 25 Dec 2017ChristmasReading Time: 3 minutes

As we lead into Christmas, have a think about some free gifts you can give: things that will last much longer than socks and jocks. They’re character traits—like love, joy, cheerfulness, generosity, patience, kindness, loyalty, gentleness and wisdom. Each post lists 10 tips for putting these gifts into practice.

The 1st Day of Christmas: Start with Love – 10 Tips to a More Affectionate Family

When life gets tough sometimes the only thing we can rely on is love. Here’s 10 tips for creating a more affectionate family this Xmas. Read Post


The 2nd Day of Christmas: Add a Pinch of Joy (10 Tips)

Woman holding a gift in front of Christmas treeAs you get ready to stuff the turkey and pop the presents under the tree, here are ten suggestions on how to cultivate joy. Read Post


The 3rd Day of Christmas: Spread Good Cheer (10 Tips)

Most of us see Christmas as a time of good cheer. But cheerfulness isn’t a given when you are a parent. Here’s how to cultivate it. Read Post 


The 4th Day of Christmas: Harmony, Peace and Goodwill (10 Tips)

Family getting ready for ChristmasMagazines may portray Christmas as a time of peace and harmony, but we all know it can be a long way from that. Here’s how to bring harmony to your house. Read Post 


The 5th Day of Christmas: Be Truly Generous (10 Tips)

Child holding christmas gift In the glossy image of Christmas, I think we’ve got caught up on just one way of giving without understanding what it really means to be generous. Read Post 


The 6th Day of Christmas: Patience (10 Tips)

Little girl waiting at Christmas timeThe busy pace of life and all the technology around us hides the need for patience. Here’s 10 tips to help your family have more patience this Christmas. Read Post 


The 7th Day of Christmas: Filling the World with Kindness (10 Tips)

Girl giving brother a piggy-backIn this season of parties and get-togethers, there’s always someone who drifts to the back and looks uncomfortable. Be the one who goes up and says hello. Read Post 


The 8th Day of Christmas: Being ‘Good’ Without Being Perfect (10 Tips)

Christmas angel figurineChristmas time is all about enjoying the goodness in life. But sometimes we feel we haven’t been ‘good enough’. What does ‘good’ really mean? Read Post 


The 9th Day of Christmas: Loyalty Matters (10 Tips for Being Loyal to Family)

family taking a selfie for christmasChristmas is just days away now! As we start getting ready for our time with family, let’s look at what brings us together: Loyalty. Read Post 


The 10th Day of Christmas: Taking a Gentle Approach to Life (10 Tips)

Little girl in beanie at ChristmasGentle people make others feel appreciated. As we wander through the 12 days of Christmas, today is all about finding our gentle selves. Read Post 


The 11th Day of Christmas: Direct Your Energies Wisely (10 Practical Tips)

Cup of tea and clockThe Christmas story tells us of the wise men who followed the star. One gift to our family this Christmas is wisdom…and self-control! Read Post 


The 12th Day of Christmas: Celebrate Your Uniqueness (10 Tips)

Women laughing togetherChristmas for me is a time to pause and accept that I am who I am on purpose. That our uniqueness isn’t a design flaw. Read Post