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Look Out For Hope 103.2’s Bold Bus Backs — All Thanks to Our Supporters!

By Hope 103.2Thursday 10 Oct 2019

Music. News. Jesus. They’re the three words the Hope team have carefully chosen to be on the back of hundreds of public buses that will be travelling around Sydney from now until January.

The three words chosen represent three key areas of content.


Has always been at the forefront of what we do, we have a long legacy of great music.


Has been a passion for many years and now we’re getting a news room! Watch this space.


Is who we’re about. Our Mission Vision is ‘to impact people with experience’s of God’s love so that they may become more like Christ and the world more like the Kingdom’. We want people to know that Jesus is who we’re about.

Bus Backs 2019

Inspiration for the design

“We knew that we wanted the design to stand out,” said designer Lucy Weil. “Knowing that every bus it would be going on would be different colours, we decided to have a white background so that whatever the colour it would be seen. But, we have always used bold colours to represent what we do, so I don’t think people would recognise it as much if we didn’t have the purple-pink-orange gradient in there somewhere!”

“The inspiration for the design was an equation — the plus signs signify the combination of these things that add up to the essence of why Hope 103.2 exists.”

Where the funding came from

Earlier this year, we asked our supporters if they would like to contribute towards a bus back campaign and they generously provided the funds for this.

“We are so grateful to our listeners and supporters for giving us the capacity to introduce our city to their local Christian radio station. We’re praying that, between now and early next year, our mission to impact people with experiences of God’s love continues to grow as a result,” Hope Media General Manager Dwayne Jeffries said.

What we are aiming to achieve through our 2019/2020 bus back campaign

As with our three words, we have three hopes for this bus back advertisements:

1. We want people who have never heard of us to try us — tune in and listen to our varied music and content across the day.

2. We want people who have heard of us, but maybe don’t know what we’re about, to discover more about our content.

3. For everyone in Sydney, we want this to spark your curiosity and for you to connect with us – this is about starting that communication.

Keep an eye out and let us know when you see the bus backs!

Send us as an email for your very own set of stickers (including a bumper sticker) that we’ll post out to you asap and you can add to all of the colour on Sydney’s roads, or let us know you’ve seen one of the bus backs by posting a photo to our socials — Hope Facebook, Hope Instagram.

Hope busbacks campaign 2019


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