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The World Ethical Fashion Report to Help You Buy Better for Everyone

If you care about sustaining people and our planet, the annual 'Ethical Fashion Report' offers guidance on how to consume wisely.

Listen: Ben McEachen chats with Chantelle Mayo about the personal impact of the 'Ethical Fashion Report'

By Ben McEachenWednesday 20 Oct 2021Hope AfternoonsSocial JusticeReading Time: 1 minute

The Ethical Fashion Report 2021 is here to inform us about how companies are going with caring for people and the planet over profits.

Released annually by Baptist World Aid, the report assesses about 100 companies representing 400 brands.

Companies are judged across a broad range of categories, from supply chains to liveable wages and action on modern slavery. A grading between A and F is awarded for their ethical efforts and actions. 

Australian companies such as Myer and RM Williams scored D ratings. The company behind surf brands Quiksilver and Billabong scored F.

At the other end, Australian designer Outland Denim was one of four companies which scored an A+ rating.

Baptist World Aid's Ethical Fashion Report 2021

Source: Baptist World Aid Australia Facebook

With Baptist World Aid estimating that 50 million people work in the fashion industry around the world, keeping companies accountable is a big deal.

Chantelle Mayo is Project Manager Advocacy at Baptist World Aid. She spoke with Hope Afternoons about the report’s key findings, her own personal purchasing story, and how we all can take small steps to buy better.

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