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Volunteer From Home! You Can Still Make A Difference by Supporting At-Risk Families with Meals Plus

By Hope 103.2Wednesday 15 Apr 2020

Meals Plus is a service that seeks to support those who are doing it tough and they continue to operate during the current COVID-19 pandemic, as an essential service.

The work of the Meals Plus team has never been more vital as more people in our community face increased hardship. They are committed to keeping their doors open to provide takeaway meals, food parcels and welfare to those who are homeless or facing hardship during the current crisis.

“With so many people losing their income, we fear the numbers needing support will continue to increase and we need your help now more than ever,” Meals Plus

Who Meals Plus help

  • people in crisis
  • people at risk of homelessness
  • women and children escaping domestic violence
  • those who are marginalised and disadvantaged
  • people who have lost their job and suddenly find themselves unemployed

These people are vulnerable at the best of times, so their vulnerabilities are amplified in the coronavirus pandemic. Bulk buying is not a luxury they can afford and, now, the scarcity of everyday items exasperates their needs.

How You Can Make a Difference From Home

Meals Plus is entirely funded by the community. They receive no government funding, therefore, to continue supporting people at risk through this unprecedented season, they need your support to ensure their essential work continues.

$10 provides breakfast and lunch for one person for a day

$25 provides lunch for one person for a week

$45 provides meals and essential items for one person for a week

You can contribute as much or as little are you’re able to right here.

As with many organisations and families at this time, the Meals Plus program is under increased financial pressure due to Covid-19 and the increased safety and hygiene requirements for food service, set by new government restrictions. This includes additional food packaging, individually sealed knives, forks and individual condiments.

Other Ways to Help?

Contact Parramatta Mission to find out how you can offer other assistance to their great cause of being a community transforming lives.


The Volunteer Army

More than just meals; Parramatta Mission looks after the whole person.

As COVID 19 has progressed, the charity is finding that many of those needing support from their programs are also very fearful of leaving their homes. Therefore, in order to ensure access, they have adapted their service and made it entirely walk-through and take-away, as well as providing delivery to those who need it. Their goal is to stay open to those in need.

Loneliness and isolation is of particular concern for the Parramatta Mission team, so their amazing Volunteer Army have been phoning clients to check in on them.

“We have a resolve to maintain the service in whatever form we can,” said Parramatta Mission director Jo Armstrong.

“Many people are missing connection or are worried so they are coming to us for reliable information. They’ve been worried about securing basic essentials that have been very difficult to secure in the shops.

“Many of these people typically can only go to the shops when they have money, so not being able to access key products is very destabilising. There are more people on lower income or no income. We are also calling people who need support and provide social contact.”

For more information on the Parramatta Mission Meals Plus program, please visit parramattamission.org.au.

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