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Toyah Cordingley’s Favourite Song by Christian Pop-Punk Band, Dedicated to Her Memory

When a Christian punk band learnt their song was the favourite song of tragically murdered Toyah Cordingley, they dedicated it to her memory.

By Clare BruceMonday 17 Dec 2018NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Above: Emo-Punk band The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus; Toyah Cordingley.

Christian pop punk band, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, has formed an unlikely connection with the story of young Queensland woman Toyah Cordingley, who was tragically murdered in October.

While preparing for their recent Australian tour, the American band learnt that their ballad Your Guardian Angel, was Toyah’s favourite song. Tour publicists were informed by one of Toyah’s best friends and a family member, that it was often called ‘Toyah’s Song’; she loved it so much it was the ringtone on her phone for years.

Hauntingly, the love song’s lyrics talk about asking someone to stay, and laying down one’s life:

When I see your smile / Tears run down my face
I can’t replace / Now that I’m strong I have figured out
How this world turns cold / And it breaks through my soul and I know
I’ll find deep inside me / I can be the one / I will never let you fall
I’ll stand up with you forever / I’ll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to heaven

In a gesture of remembrance for the 24-year-old, the band paid an emotional musical tribute by dedicating the song to Toyah in each of their recent Australian shows in November and December.

Singer Ronnie Winter also created a new lyric video in Toyah’s memory, writing, “this lyric video will stand as a living memorial for those we have lost along the way.”

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It is believed Toyah was killed while walking her dog on Wangetti Beach north of Cairns on October 21, and her body was discovered in the dunes the next day. Toyah was a popular young woman who loved animals and music.

Some media reports have linked the death with an Indian suspect however Police are asking people to ignore these reports, which they say are unhelpful to their search, and that they in fact have several persons of interest.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.