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How to Help Millions Suffering in South Asia Flooding

An estimated 1200 people are dead, and 42 million affected, due to floodwaters swamping India, Nepal and Bangladesh. To help, donate to one of these funds.

By Clare BruceFriday 1 Sep 2017Hope BreakfastNewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Listen: Oxfam spokesperson Meg Quartermaine chats to Laura & Duncan about South Asia Flooding Emergency. Above: A woman and her child trapped in floodwaters. Photo: GUK/Oxfam

An estimated 1200 people have been killed, and another 42 million affected, by floodwaters swamping vast regions of India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Oxfam has told the ABC that two-thirds of the entire nation of Bangladesh is estimated to be under water, with some areas seeing the worst flooding since 1988.

Around 18,000 schools have been shut down, and reports have come in today of 21 people killed in Mumbai, after a building collapsed due to monsoon downpours.

“Thousands more buildings that are more than 100 years old are at risk of collapse due in part to foundations being weakened by flood waters,” reports The Guardian.

In an interview with Hope 103.2, Oxfam spokesperson Meg Quartermaine said South Asia is generally well equipped for the annual monsoon season, but this year the region has seen catastrophic volumes of rain.

“Rainfall that we’d expect to see in months, we’re seeing in days, overwhelming the river system and then flooding out across these three countries [India, Nepal and Bangladesh],” Meg explained. “It’s the sheer volume that’s overwhelmed people this time. And in these countries, some of the poorest populations in the world live.”

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Communities have become better prepared for emergencies in the past decade, but this disaster calls for a massive response from rich nations like Australia.

Oxfam partners with established local response organisations, and any funds donated will go to in-country teams to distribute life-saving equipment, clean water and sanitation facilities.

Donate to South Asia Emergency Appeals

To help with emergency response efforts, you can donate to one of the following appeals: