Series - Managing Tough Times: Staying Generous

Series – Managing Tough Times:
Staying Generous

By Hope 103.2Monday 16 Mar 2009Open House with Stephen O'Doherty

Managing Life in Tough Times is a series of chats designed to help you through the economic downturn. But it’s not about gloom and doom. Quite the opposite.

We’ve lined up some experts to give you really practical tips on managing your career, your business and your mortgage.

The plan is that together, we’ll survive these stormy seas with our heads well above water.

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Keeping Hope Alive
Pastor Brian Houston of Hillsong Church senior pastor encourages us to remain positive and faith-filled despite a difficult economy.


Staying Generous
Author Matt Bell speaks from experience when he says it’s more rewarding to give than to spend it all on yourself.


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Managing Your Mortgage
Financial adviser Gavin Martin gives some tips on handling a mortgage when the budget’s tight.


Managing Your Personal Debt
Learn how to take control of your debts with financial advisor Gavin Martin.


Managing Your Business
Juliet Bourke, Workplace Flexibility Expert, gives tips on steering your business through the economic squeeze.


Recession Proofing Your Career
Lisa O-Brien is the director of Careers Coach, and she joins us now with some ideas on how to hang onto your job.


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