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Jakki Overcame Abuse and Wants to Help Others Break Free

Having experienced decades of abusive relationships, Jakki Civeriati began to learn powerful tools to help her break free.

Listen: Jakki Civeriarti tells Ben McEachen about what helped her to overcome abuse

By Ben McEachenWednesday 19 Jan 2022Hope AfternoonsFaithReading Time: 1 minute

Sydneysider Jakki Civeriati can look back and clearly see the awful foundation that her life once stood upon.

A foundation she links palpably with a destructive first marriage to an abusive husband.

Jakki realised she grew up in a household that perpetuated cycles of emotional abuse, before entering a marriage that would include domestic violence against her.

Being loved, respected and treated well were relationship bedrocks she had not experienced.

But a “radical” encounter with Jesus helped Jakki to learn more about God’s care and comfort.

This newfound love of God’s love for her became a new foundation for Jakki, and a positive starting point for learning vital tools to help her leave and heal from 26 years of abusive relationships.

Jakki has written Goodbye For Now or Goodbye Forever to share godly wisdom and advice for women in similar situations to what she endured.

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She told Hope Afternoons that carefully responding “with assertiveness, with boundaries, with knowing who we are in Christ… begins to break us free from that cycle of abuse”.

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