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11 Great Articles to Build Your Prayer Life and Help You Hear from God

To celebrate Prayer 4U this month, we've compiled some of our best articles on prayer—to encourage your prayer life and help you to hear from God.

By Hope 103.2Wednesday 18 Apr 2018FaithReading Time: 3 minutes

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To inspire you about the power of prayer, we’ve compiled some of our best articles on the topic. They point us to a God who cares for us, who doesn’t need us to meet any special requirements to pray, and who not only hears our prayers but responds with love. We hope you find great encouragement below.

The Ancient Prayer That Can Change Your Life

It’s a prayer that can suffer from neglect and mindless repetition because of its familiarity. But when prayed slowly and with intent, it is possibly the most powerful prayer one can pray: The Lord’s Prayer. Read More

Seven Ways God Might Be Speaking To You

Young Man sitting on a mountainIn Scripture we find God speaking through peals of thunder, pillars of cloud, flaming bushes, donkeys…and revealing himself in the face of Jesus. God is a communicating God. So what are the ways he might to speak to us personally? Read More

What to Do When God Isn’t Speaking

What to do when we’re praying for answers and there’s no response from the heavens? Here are three possible reasons for God’s silence – and ideas on what to do about it. Read More


When Someone Else Gets the Answer to Your Prayer

What do you do when you’ve been praying for something you’re confident God has promised, but the time has not yet come? Or when His timing is different than yours?


“Is God Speaking to Me?” Tania Harris on Hearing the Voice of God

The Bible is full of stories of God speaking to people. But does it still happen today? And if so, how? And what about the times when God is silent? Read More


Three Ways God Speaks to Us – [with Tania Harris]

One of the reasons we struggle to hear God speak is that we don’t recognise it when he does. Here are 3 of the most common ways that God speaks to us. Read More


How To Meditate: 10 Tips For Christians

Meditation isn’t just for the New Age; in fact it’s an ancient Christian practice. Here’s some Christian meditation tips, from three contemporary writers. Read More


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Need Some Direction? Well Don’t Just Pray. Move.

In a world of options, distractions, temptations, and false guides, we need help in choosing well. And the starting point for such guidance is prayer. But not just prayer that waits for an answer from the sky. Often we need to take action while we wait for our answer, too. Read More

Forget the Rules: Prayer is About a Relationship, says Tania Harris

Thoughtful woman

There’s a myth about prayer – that you have to be ‘qualified’, or use some special formula, to pray. It’s not true, says Tania Harris. Read More

The Serenity Prayer

Man praying hands clasped (1)

“When you stop to think carefully over the words of the Serenity Prayer, they have healing power which can transform your life.” Read More

God Can Handle Our Honesty


“I didn’t want to cry but I’m one of those people who cries when she’s angry, and this day, I was angry. I was angry at God.”