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Dr John Dickson: Bite Size Answers to Big Faith Questions

By Hope 103.2Friday 17 Mar 2017Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

Do you ever find yourself asking bigger than life questions like, “Are Science and God opposed? If God is real, why is there so much suffering? And how can we trust the Bible?”

Do questions like these ever weigh on you?

Duncan Robinson from Hope Breakfast caught up with Dr John Dickson (below), an Australian speaker, author and historian to ask him some of these complex questions. John is an advocate for the Christian faith and in this interview he provides quick, credible answers to some of the “deal breakers” we often ponder.

John Dickson

The Big Questions

Use the audio player above to hear answers to the following questions…

  • “Aren’t Science and God opposed? Doesn’t Evolution disprove Creation?” (00:29)
  • “Faith is irrational and emotive, with no evidence to back it up.” (1:52)
  • “If God is real, why is there so much suffering?” (3:06)
  • “Christians are self-righteous hypocrites!” (4:56)
  • “What is good for you doesn’t have to be good for me; truth is relative.” (6:55)
  • “How can we trust the Bible?” (8:33)
  • Marriage equality? Follow up question. (12:24)
  • “If God knows everything, and has it all worked out, what’s the point of prayer?” (15:00)
  • “I follow the 10 commandments, but I don’t need God?” (15:59)

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