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Living and Dying For Your Faith This Easter

Around the world, Easter is the most dangerous time in the Christian calendar, but Open Doors works to assist churches facing persecution.

Listen: Mike Gore, CEO of Open Doors, joined Ally & Brendan on Hope Breakfast to chat about persecution at Easter

By Ally BarnesTuesday 5 Apr 2022Hope BreakfastEasterReading Time: 1 minute

Easter is around the corner and, for many, it means celebration services at church as well as chocolate goodness.

But for many Christians overseas, Easter attracts persecution.

Open Doors – supporting persecuted churches globally – CEO Mike Gore joined Hope Breakfast to share some of the risks people take for their faith and what we can learn from them.

“Easter is the most dangerous time in the Christian calendar around the world. We have seen bombings at Easter, year after year,” Mike said.

“One of the great misnomers of persecution is that it’s where the church is dying. But persecution is the consequence of successful Christianity. It was true 2000 years ago, and it’s true today.”

“Persecution is the consequence of successful Christianity,” – Open Doors CEO Mike Gore

Mike shared how encouraged he has been by the posture of Christians in the face of the fear – of walking into a church knowing at any moment the service may be disrupted by a suicide bomber.

“At Easter, we should ask ourselves the question: not are we willing to die for Jesus, but are we willing to live for him.”

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