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The Übers’ Spectacular Eurovision Entry For Hopeland

Australia’s Guy Sebastian may be the talk of Europe, but here in Hopeland, all eyes are upon The Übers and their Eurovision-inspired music video... 

By Clare BruceThursday 21 May 2015MusicReading Time: 2 minutes

Australia’s Guy Sebastian may be the talk of Eurovision 2015, but here in Hopeland, the world’s newest micronation, all eyes are upon The Übers. 

The celebrated pop band, inspired by the extravaganza unfolding in Vienna, has released a new single in the spirit of Eurovision – Wind Beneath My Wind. It’s a medley of some of their greatest songs to date, featuring the patriotic, folk-inspired Here In Hopeland, the moody ballad Wind Machine, and The Übers’ number one smash hit, Try Fondue.

The Übers’ record company, Chocolat, has submitted the single as an early entry into Eurovision 2016.

In an exclusive chat with Hope media, The Übers shared some of the inspiration behind the single. Lead singer and songwriter Ollå Olja Oléuf, better known as Erin, said it was a special moment for the band to represent Hopeland on the world stage.

“At this moment I feel so proud to be not only a recording artist, but a Hopeland citizen,” she said.

“But mostly I just feel proud to be so famous.”

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Ollå hopes the Ubers’ single will inspire people around the world to celebrate the joy of not only music, but also fondue, a staple of the Hopeland diet

Executive Dan, Hopeland’s fearsome leader, said the highlight of the recording for him was not his own incredible singing, but being free to forget about his baldness for a while.

“Wearing a blonde curly wig as part of The Übers has been a cathartic and healing experience for me,” he said. “I hope I can inspire other bald men of our great land to try wigs too.”

Fromage Or Chocolate?

Fromage or Chocolat?  The Übers’ lead singer-songwriter Ollå in full flight.

Heidi, the more emotional and self-absorbed member of The Übers, who looks remarkably like Hope 103.2 mornings announcer Emma, said she’d hoped to star in the video a little more.

“Once our fans listen to this, I know they will then be inspired on to buy copies of my solo album,” she said.

Visual Smörgåsbord Inspires Fashion Designers

Uber In The Hopeland Studios

Fashion bonanza: The Übers record in the Hopeland studios.

Wind Beneath My Wind showcases the band’s diverse abilities, with Hopeland’s Jester Dwayne on the flute, Ray on the toy saxophone, and Erin on the inflatable guitar. The music video is a visual smorgasbord, complete with ribbon twirling, mirror ball, bucket loads of glitter, and of course the wind machine, evidenced by plenty of wind-tunnel hair.

Fashion bloggers have been feverishly Tweeting about the band’s spectacular costumes, while copycat designs are already appearing in fashion stores across Hopeland.

Wind Beneath My Wind is available in record stores micronation-wide.