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It’s No Anticlimax: ‘Spider-Man Far From Home’ the Right Mix of Depth and Fun [Movie Review]

Having laid it all on the line with the Avengers, Peter Parker just wants to be a typical teen and abandon his superpowers for a while.

By Laura BennettMonday 15 Jul 2019Hope AfternoonsMoviesReading Time: 2 minutes

After the events of Avengers: Endgame, it’s unsurprising Marvel wanted to follow it up with a story about where Peter Parker is now. Don’t worry, no spoilers here.

Leaving aside details of those *events*,  Spider-Man Far From Home picks up with Peter during a school trip to Europe (lucky). Having laid it all on the line with the Avengers, Peter just wants to be a typical teenager for a while and see the Eifel tower with his crush MJ, and abandon his superhero duties for a bit.

Tom Holland and Zendaya star in Spiderman Far From Home

Shucks…. Zendaya stars as Peter Parker’s teen crush MJ.

Of course, the world doesn’t wait for its heroes to be ready to save it, and alas, Peter is drawn into battle when Nick Fury calls him up to help defend humanity from the Elementals. To defeat to new invaders, Peter teams up with Mysterio (the new guy from another world), fighting to protect our freedom.

Like any of us in the comedown after a major life event or career highlight, the aftermath of Endgame has Peter asking some tough questions. Can he live up to the expectations of others? Will he be able to move past the *things* he experienced?

Peter’s got to step up, and practically speaking, we have to see if Marvel has legs beyond the behemoth that was The Infinity Saga (those first 22 flicks from the Marvel machine).

Angourie Rice, Jacob Batalon and Zendaya in Spiderman Far From Home

Gasp! A tense moment for Spidey’s friends Betty Brant and Ned Leeds, and gf, MJ.

Spider-Man Far From Home also causes us to dwell on where we find truth, and what forms our understanding of reality. For characters that intersect across multiple universes, that’s an obvious challenge – but as one character points out, “People want to believe, and nowadays they’ll believe anything”. In an era of ‘living your own truth’, it highlights our vulnerability to fall for skewed beliefs and misunderstandings simply because we crave something to trust in. The Bible doesn’t tell us to “guard our heart” for no reason!

While it does get deep, Spider-Man Far From Home is also just plain fun. In the first two minutes it proves that Marvel movies can come off well even after Endgame, and fans of Spidey will love seeing our main man’s story back at the forefront.

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