Event: Hope Book Club Live – Jane Austen's 'Persuasion' - Hope 103.2

Event: Hope Book Club Live – Jane Austen’s ‘Persuasion’

Life’s just better with a book. But it’s even better to share your favourite books with friends at a Hope Book Club Live event.

By Hope 103.2Wednesday 1 Jun 2022Hope Book ClubEntertainmentReading Time: 2 minutes

This winter at Hope 103.2, we thought it would be great to delve into a classic novel, perfect for a cold, rainy reading day. So with the new Netflix film adaptation coming out in July, Jane Austen’s novel Persuasion seems the perfect fit

And we want to read it with you!

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Make your favourite hot drink and join us online for a fun discussion. Perfect for a warm and wintery night!

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Join Katrina Roe and Jane Austen expert Katrina Clifford from the Hope Book Club podcast along with like-minded Hopelanders for a collective reading of Persuasionthe last novel completed by Jane Austen.

A moving and lyrical love story following Anne Elliot, who years before was persuaded to reject the man she loved because he was not successful enough, although she never forgot her love for him. When he returns in her life, along with him comes the possibility of a second chance at love and happiness.

Your rainy winter day reading is sorted! Read the book, then join us for an interactive discussion with our reviewers on Thursday 28 July at 7.30pm.

While you’re reading, you can join the conversation in the Hope Book Club Facebook group.

To get started, sign up below to receive your Zoom link, order your copy of Jane Austen’s Persuasion and put the Hope Book Club zoom meeting in your calendar because it’s going to be a rewarding online experience.

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