Sam and Duncan in the Spotlight on TV Gameshow, 'Pointless' – Hope 103.2

Sam and Duncan in the Spotlight on TV Gameshow, ‘Pointless’

By Hope 103.2Monday 11 Feb 2019Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

Listen: Sam and Duncan announcing their big gameshow news this morning…

Brekky hosts Sam and Duncan will have their general knowledge and pop-culture savvy put to the test Monday night, when they appear as contestants on the Channel 10 gameshow, Pointless.

By all reports, Sam is pumped and Duncan’s a tad petrified. Tune in at 6pm tonight (Monday, February 11) to laugh, celebrate, or – who knows, perhaps you’ll cry.

Then turn on the Brekky show on Hope 103.2 tomorrow morning (Tuesday, February 12) between 6am and 9am to catch the post-mortem!

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