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The 11 Dad-Joke Styles, According to ‘How-To-Dad’ Jordan Watson

By Clare BruceFriday 30 Aug 2019

How To Dad’s Jordan Watson has nailed the majority of our fathers’ joke-telling styles, in his video, How to Tell Jokes Like a Dad.

The beloved, slightly-scruffy, viral Kiwi Dad in work shorts and khaki t-shirt, makes comic instructional videos on Youtube and social media, poking fun at the foibles of Dad everywhere.

Check out the list below… which joke-telling style best describes the Dad in your life?

1. That Laughing Fit Dad

Struggles to complete the actual joke due to uncontrollably cracking up at his own hilarity.

2. The ‘Not Really a Dad Joke But Your Dad Does it All the Time’ Dad

Repeatedly does a practical joke that may or may not make the child laugh every single time.

3. The ‘Forget the Start of the Joke’ Dad

Joke fails to launch, due to forgetting crucial details right at the start.

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4. The ‘Forget the Middle of the Joke’ Dad

Starts okay, gets confused and lost somewhere in the middle…

5. The ‘Forget the End of the Joke’ Dad

Gets joke off to a cracking start but fizzles out at the punchline.

6. The ‘Dad that Needs to Explain the Joke After he’s Told the Joke’ Dad

Terrible delivery makes joke completely unfunny so Dad tries to elicit laughter after the punchline with unnecessary explanations.

7. The “Shhhhhhhh” Dad

Thinks his joke is so funny that it’s imperative everyone in the room is silent and listens.

8. The “Ayyyyy?” Dad

After the punchline, tries to get listeners onside by egging them on with “ayyyy?” Most commonly found in New Zealand and Australia.

9. The Socially Awkward Dad

Ruins joke due to lack of confidence/ enthusiasm/ social savvy in the delivery.

10. The ‘Skips Heaps of Important Info’ Dad

Closely related to the ‘Forget the Middle of the Joke’ Dad.

11. The ‘Pull My Finger’ Dad

Thinks that old chestnut about flatulence is still funny after 27 years.

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