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This Weekend: Sydney Open Weekend Lets You Go Behind Our City’s Scenes

By Laura BennettWednesday 18 Sep 2019Hope Afternoons

This November, the public can take a peek behind some of Sydney’s greatest architectural gems with Sydney Open — your key to this great city over one weekend.

Since 1997, Sydney Living Museums have partnered with sites all over the region, opening the doors to buildings normally restricted to average punters.

Coordinator for Architecture and Design Joni Taylor said, “The idea really is to give people access to architecture…and to go into those spaces that aren’t usually accessible to get an idea of what might go on inside a boardroom, in the ‘hallowed chambers’ of parliament, or in underground sewage tunnels.

“People walk around the city, and there are certain buildings that you know and see every day but the city’s changing so much, so the chance for people to go into the buildings and engage with them directly is really important,” Joni said.

Some of Joni’s personal highlights include:

Sydney Open Lucy Osburn Nightingale Museum

Source: Sydney Living Museums

Lucy Osburn Nightingale Museum, built in 1811 (Macquarie Street)

“It shows an amazing collection of the history of nursing in NSW. Everything from old photography albums, old writing desks, even rooms of medical specimens — if that’s somebody’s fancy,” Joni said.

Sydney Open Bushells Building

Source: Sydney Living Museums

The Bushells Building, built in 1924 (The Rocks)

Steep yourself in tea-making history: glimpse the original slides used for packing and distributing tea, the heritage lift shafts and the dedicated spot where tea was tasted!

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Sydney Open Sydney Trades Building

Source: Sydney Living Museums

Sydney Trades Hall

“This is the home of the trade union movement. They have a wonderful selection of banners they’ve used over the decades for their campaigns and ideas,” Joni said.

Other sites include City Tattersalls Club, Genesian Theatre Company at St John’s Church and Sydney Town Hall. There are over 80 buildings on offer.

The Sydney Open is a ticketed event running November 2-3.

The full program is available today for members, and tomorrow for the general public.

Find out more here.

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