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Christmas Movies Watch List: Russ and Laura’s Top Picks

From the classic collection to personal favourites and recently released, Russ Matthews and Laura Bennett give their Christmas movie picks.

By Laura BennettThursday 8 Dec 2022Hope AfternoonsChristmasReading Time: 3 minutes

With the Christmas season comes plenty of opportunity to indulge in holiday movies that take us in to a wonderland of romantic imagination, spiritual inspiration and reflections on the relevance of Christmas to everyday life.

There are so many movies though – and so little time – so Russ Matthews from Reel Dialogue joined Hope Afternoons to highlight some of his personal favourites and the ones to watch from this year’s releases.

Classics not to miss

A Wonderful Life

“When a frustrated businessman, George Bailey, becomes suicidal, an angel from heaven, Clarence, is sent to him. To his change of heart, she shows him what life would have been without his existence.”


“Buddy, a human, is raised amongst elves at the North Pole. When he discovers that he is not an elf, he travels to New York to search for his biological father.”

A Christmas Carol

“Ebenezer Scrooge, a spiteful and miserly man, encounters three spirits on Christmas Eve, who show him the folly of his ways and prompt him to become a better man.”

Russ’ personal faves

Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas

“Emmet and Ma Otter are very poor, but they are very happy and talented singers. Christmas is around the corner, and they both want to get the other a very special present. The prize in the talent show is $50. Both Emmet and Ma get a song ready for the competition; Emmet forms a jug band, and Ma practices alone, to vie with the Riverbottom Gang.”

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Home Alone

“Eight-year-old Kevin is accidentally left behind when his family leaves for France. At first, he is happy to be in charge, but when thieves try to break into his home, he tries to put up a fight.”

The Polar Express

“A young boy boards a train and embarks on an extraordinary journey to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus. His life takes a turn after he encounters special people that make his journey memorable.”

New ones to watch


“A musical version of Charles Dickens’ story of a miserly misanthrope who’s taken on a magical journey.”

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Spirited Christmas Movie 2022

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Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

“The Guardians are on a mission to make Christmas unforgettable for Quill and head to Earth in search of the perfect present.”

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Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Holiday Special

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And one that covers the true meaning of Christmas

The Nativity Story

A drama that focuses on the period in Mary and Joseph’s life where they journeyed to Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus. Streaming on Apple TV.

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