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Real Hope – The Road to the Cross Easter 2021

We have digital devotional plans and hardcopies to send you of our Real Hope Easter edition Bible plans.

Start The Road to the Cross Bible plan online now!

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If you would like a copy of The Road to the Cross booklet mailed out to you asap, just fill out this form and it will be on its way! Otherwise, you can read through the five and 10-day plans on your preferred device.

Do you have questions about Easter?

We have free books to give away, thanks to our friends at Koorong, and a number of series and podcasts by Hope 103.2 that will help you .

Why Easter 2023

Do you want to know how you can have a new beginning?

God is offering us a real relationship with Him. If you’ve already asked the big questions about Easter and you want to know how to accept God’s offer, pray the prayer on our A New Beginning page and let us know so we can support you in your new beginning.

A New Beginning 2023

Do you want resources to help you share the good Easter news with your family and friends?

We have pulled together a variety of stories, videos and other resources to help you share and have conversations with others about the joy of a relationship with Jesus this Easter.

Share the Easter Story 2023

Do you want our team to pray for you?

Prayer is an important part of who we are at Hope 103.2. Prayer has the potential to transform people and cultures. Prayer has the ability to unite communities and build hope, regardless of circumstances. Prayer is one of the ways we, at Hope 103.2, can support and journey with you in all seasons of life. Find out more

Hope & Prayer

Read the latest Easter articles from the Hope 103.2 team

Alpha Film series

The Alpha Film Series will take you on an epic journey exploring the basics of the Christian faith starting with this video playlist.

Watch more from Alpha

Explore more with our Easter With Hope series

This 5-day Bible plan will help you reflect on the moment in history that changed the world – Jesus’ death and resurrection.

The Easter Story with Hope 103.2

Videos from other ministry partners

Billy Graham

“In the midst of crisis… Invite your friends or family to watch The Cross with you online this Easter season. The 30-minute video is also a great tool for your church to tell people in your community about Jesus, who said ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me’ (John 14:6, NKJV).”

Billy Graham's The Cross

Wesley Mission

The Isolation of the Cross is hosted by Rev Keith Garner, who explores the words of Jesus spoken from the cross and their relevance to us today in our experience of isolation.

The Isolation of the Cross 2020 Wesley Mission

Watch The Isolation of the Cross – Episode 1: Forgiveness that frees

Watch The Isolation of the Cross – Episode 2: The Power of Life That Endures

Colin Buchanan

Colin has this great album for the kiddies – Boss of the Cross – with 31 tracks to teach your little ones about the life-saving message of Easter!