Membership – Hope 103.2


Hope 103.2 is a community radio station operated by Hope Media Ltd, a not-for-profit Christian community media organisation. The overall management of the ministry is vested in the Board of Directors, who are elected by the Company’s Members.

Benefits of being a member

As a member:

  • you enable Hope 103.2 to share Hope across Sydney to inspire people and to transform life, faith and culture
  • you can participate at General Meetings including voting, and nominating for Board position.

A non tax-deductible membership fee of $27.50 (GST inc) is payable annually on approval of your Membership Application by the Board’s Membership Committee.

To apply download and return the completed form and a letter of reference from a recognised leader of a Christian church or organisation.  There is no need to include payment at this time, as a Membership Invoice will be sent to you for payment once approved.

4 Easy Steps to Becoming a Hope Media Member

  1. Download the Hope Media membership form below
  2. Fill it out and include a letter of reference from a leader of a church or organisation
  3. Email or post the membership form and reference back to Hope Media Ltd
  4. On acceptance pay the non tax-deductible membership fee of $27.50