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Jesus Came to Deal With Something Deeper Than You Might Think

Steve Bartlett from Baptist Association of NSW and ACT explains how our desire for peace is ultimately realised in what happened at the first Easter.

Listen: Steve Bartlett,Baptist Association's Director of Ministries for NSW/ACT, tells Ben McEachen about his sharp focus on hope

By Ben McEachenTuesday 12 Apr 2022Hope MorningsEasterReading Time: 1 minute

Do you marvel at people who are able to cling to the light as darkness closes in?

The past few years have been notably difficult and bleak for so many people. Of course, that’s overlooking all the other suffering and sorrow that occurred before the pandemic, recent floods and bushfires, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

But Steve Bartlett is the kind of guy who vividly sees the contrast of genuine hope in the face of such adversity and instability.

Speaking with Hope Afternoons in the lead up to Easter 2022, the Baptist Association’s Director of Ministries for NSW/ACT said “the hope Easter brings comes into pretty sharp focus against the backdrop of all we are dealing with”.

A focus that spotlights the source of what we all seek – peace.

Listen to the full interview with Steve Bartlett in the player above.