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Easter Challenge: “We Have to Rethink Hope”

Australian Christian Churches Paul Bartlett thinks 2022 is the time to check what your faith is really grounded in.

Listen: Australian Christian Churches' Paul Bartlett tells Ben McEachen that we need to get real with what we believe

By Ben McEachenTuesday 12 Apr 2022Hope AfternoonsEasterReading Time: 1 minute

Three years ago, Paul Bartlett became State President of Australian Christian Churches in NSW and ACT.

Remember what has happened during just the past 36 months? You’re most likely thinking of the huge stuff – pandemic, war, bushfires, floods – but that’s not accounting for the smaller or medium things that we’ve been through in the time of coronavirus and escalating natural disasters in Australia.

Paul told Hope Afternoons that as we head towards Easter 2022, he’s got a radical proposal for us all.

“I’ve been a Christian a long time but I think we need to rethink hope,” Paul said.

What Paul is challenging us to do is consider whether or not we treat the mighty, weighty hope of Jesus too lightly. Is it a concrete assurance in our lives, or just some sort of detached concept?

Paul said now is a great time to ask yourself: am I allowing myself to be filled by the power of Jesus, so I can face whatever may come?

Listen to the full interview with Paul in the player above.

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