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Lifting the Lid: How Youth Pastor Kiran Skariah Took Youth Group Online & Became a ‘Streamer’

By Duncan RobinsonMonday 20 Apr 2020Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

Listen: PastorSkar chats to Sam and Duncan on Hope Breakfast

Kiran Skariah is a streamer.

No, we are not talking about a celebratory ribbon used at parties—although, there is a party involved. Today we lift the lid on what it’s like being a video game streamer.

Kiran Skariah was a Youth Pastor for a number of years before he felt convicted to take Jesus to a new frontier on the internet, and “meet the kids where they are at.”

Since making that decision he has amassed almost 10,000 followers on the social media platform Twitch, where he regularly ‘streams’ games of Fortnite and hosts tournaments.

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If this is all a little confusing and new, Kiran, aka PastorSkar, helps to make sense of this new frontier of streaming and what it all means.

Can you have meaningful conversations about faith over a game? How do you remain encouraging on a platform that can be addictive? Do people actually watch?

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All these questions are answered as Sam and Duncan dive into the world of online gaming mixed with Christian outreach, and learn what exactly a Youth-Pastor-turned-Streamer does.

Listen to their conversation in the audio player above.

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