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Afternoons with Laura Bennett

Noon to 3pm

“Afternoons is where we take a load off, catch up with each other and process the day.”– Laura

In the afternoon slump, Laura invites you to have a chat while she covers the day’s events and brings you music to motivate you and a variety of guest interviews to entertain and uplift.

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About Laura

Laura is a Master of Media graduate, author, podcaster and film reviewer who has been with Hope 103.2 since 2009. She self-published her bestselling book Live Your Dream in 2015, and has a passion for connecting people with stories that bring meaning to their lives and help them contribute intentionally to their communities.

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On the UNDISTRACTED podcast, Laura explores the lives and expertise of her guests in order to learn how to become better at building our lives with intention, and live in the ways of Jesus.

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