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Afternoons with Laura Bennett

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“I like to chat with listeners about issues of the day, and bring a variety of guests to the show to talk about everything from parenting to pop culture.“ – Laura

When the afternoon slump starts to hit, Laura’s fun and quirky personality provide just the lift you need. And getting the kids home has never been more enjoyable – putting the ‘pick me up’ in the afternoon pick up – with this entertaining show that’s safe for young ears to listen to.

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About Laura Bennett

Laura is a Masters media graduate, author and film reviewer who is just as comfortable interviewing the biggest stars on the red carpet as she is curled up on the couch in comfy pants. Laura self-published her bestselling book ‘Live Your Dream’ in 2015, and edits her own online magazine ‘The Connect Press’.

Find Laura on Instagram: @laura.bennett_  

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