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Welcome to Hope Media! We’re glad you’re enjoying our YouVersion reading plans.

Hope Media includes Hope 103.2 — Sydney radio’s non-denominational, Christian FM station. We broadcast mainstream and Christian contemporary music, and entertaining shows. Programs include lifestyle and current-affairs interviews and a series of popular inspirational segments. Our style is modern, lighthearted and family-friendly with a focus on the community. Popular shows include Breakfast with Sam & Duncan and our LifeWords Q&A Podcast with David Reay.

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At Hope Media, we are passionate about helping people discover and be impacted by experiences of God’s love and we also want to equip you to be able to share those experiences with others.

We hope you find the following resources useful and encouraging.


Sydney radio’s non-denominational, Christian FM station broadcasting mainstream and Christian contemporary music, and entertaining shows

Hope 103.2

Inspire Digital is your station for 24/7 Christian music and teaching

Inspire Digital

FRESH — playing the best new music discoveries and next generation of Christian artists since 1999


Program and Segments

Over on our Programs and Segments page, you will find:

  • Morning Devotions with Chris Witts
  • Christian Growth with Simon Manchester
  • Lifewords Q&A with David Reay

and more!

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