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The Hopeland Lifeblood Team

Did you know one blood donation has the power to save three lives?

In Australia, one in three people will need blood, yet only one in 30 donate. To have enough blood for everyone who needs it, Australia needs 31,000 blood and plasma donations every week – about one every five minutes.

To have enough blood for everyone who needs it, Australia needs one donation every five minutes.

Life depends on blood, and each year Hope 103.2 likes to show our support, and encourage our community of listeners, families and friends across Sydney to donate blood and plasma. We’ve registered Hopeland as a Lifeblood Team – an initiative which unites teams across Australia to give life by giving blood or plasma.

Join team Hopeland, and together we can change lives.

How to get involved:

  1. Register a blood donor account if you don’t already have one – you can register online
  2. Join our Hopeland Lifeblood Team – just follow our step-by-step instructions on how to join a team
  3. Book a time to give life – every donation you make automatically goes towards your team’s tally and the overall blood challenge total!

Lifeblood - what to expect

How blood donations saved this 13-year-old’s life

Throughout his treatment, like many cancer patients, young Josh Miller was reliant on blood donations – Lifeblood literally saved his life. Read more

Josh Miller receiving Australian Red Cross Lifeblood donations


What is blood used for?

Joining the Hopeland Lifeblood Team, and donating blood or plasma, will help people in a variety of different ways…

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Want to give really big? Give plasma

If you want to give more than once and get those numbers up, plasma donation is the way. It’s just as rewarding as giving blood, and you can donate as often as every two weeks.

Lifeblood ready set give

Are you a breastfeeding mum? Milk donation is a unique way to help

Some mothers of premature babies can’t supply enough milk because their bodies just aren’t ready. That’s when donated breast milk is recommended to reduce the risks of some health challenges these babies can face. Collected milk is distributed to newborn intensive care units.

Red Cross milk facilities around the country also allow our leading scientists to do innovative research into new ways the bioactive compounds in milk can be used therapeutically. This work is really exciting and will develop new products to help premature and sick babies thrive.

If you are a breastfeeding mum living in Sydney you might be able to help.

An estimated 450 milk donors will be needed across Australia every year to meet demand. Thousands of babies are born early every year.

For all the information you need, visit

Can’t donate right now? You still have a role to play

Spread the word far and wide: the more people you reach, the more you help. You can also become a champion, being the contact person for your group of friends and family, helping organise donations, transport and providing positive support.

For more information, or help with Lifeblood Teams, contact us online or call 1300 886 524.

Who is Lifeblood?

Get to know Australian Red Cross Lifeblood.