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From Genesis to Revelation – A Time to Hope with Naomi Reed

2020 | General Viewing | 6-Part Limited Series

In 2019, Naomi Reed decided to immerse herself in the Bible, spending 8 hours a day, every day, reading the Bible, and writing 365 devotions from Genesis to Revelation. Does reading large chunks of the Bible, every day of the year, actually change you? For Naomi, the answer was yes! She found it reoriented and reminded her that God is sovereign and good and in control. He is not surprised. He is bringing about his plan for the world, through the Lord Jesus.


1. God is the Beginning and The End

5 Feb 2021

Genesis 1–3. It’s easy to absorb the shakiness of life at the moment, the uncertainty. But what if this was a time to go deeper, to truly fathom the hope we have in Christ.

2. God Will Bring About His Plan and Promises

12 Feb 2021

Genesis 4–12. In reading Genesis, we notice hope. God is the beginning and the end, the creator of all things, sovereign over everything, and he is present, today.

3. God Provided the Answer in Jesus

19 Feb 2021

Exodus to the Gospels. Throughout the Old Testament, there is a tension. God is holy and righteous, and he demands obedience, yet he is also gracious and loving. How will this tension work out in the end? Will God override his promises, or will he overlook the sin of the people?

4. Sin and Death Have Been Defeated

26 Feb 2021

The Gospels. It’s amazing to read the Gospels again and imagine the person of Jesus. He is not like anyone we know. We see his humility, his upside-down grace and mercy, his forthrightness to those who thought they knew better, his utter holiness, and authority over everything.

5. God is at Work to the Ends of the Earth

5 Mar 2021

John 21–Revelation 21. God longs to restore each of us. He gives us a chance to repent. And then he sends us out to serve him, and to love the world, in a thousand different, needed ways.

6. Jesus is Reigning and The Story Isn’t Over

12 Mar 2021

We all want to be reading the Bible more, but it can be hard to find the time, or perhaps we feel scattered. Naomi does! So, last year, she decided to read the Bible again, the whole thing, beginning to end, and write devotions as she went.


Naomi ReedNaomi is an acclaimed storyteller, speaker and author. She previously served with INF in Nepal, with her husband and three sons. She is the author of 10 books for adults and children, and she particularly loves to draw people back to the hope we have in Christ. Naomi also has qualifications in theology and physiotherapy, and is perpetually intrigued by other people and their stories.


Join an online community reading A Time to Hope together each morning in 2021 over at Naomi Reed’s author Facebook page or find the 365-page daily devotional book covering the Bible from Genesis to Revelation at


Our Real Hope – The Summer Edition 2021 has 13 themes for you to work your way through including:

  • The Attributes of God
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  • True Success
  • Obedience
  • Worship

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