Sponsorship Opportunties - Hope 103.2

Sponsorship Opportunties

Media in Sydney that offers REAL hope?

Run a small or medium size business? Support Hope 103.2 by purchasing sponsorship for your business, church or community group. Email Hope 103.2’s Group Sales Manager at media.sales@hopemedia.com.au for more information.

Hope 103.2 reaches over 311,000 listeners* each week and offers competitive rates to promote your product or service.

Ask to talk with one of our Sponsorship Team today on (02) 9854 7000, or email our Group Sales Manager.

Reach people like never before

Hope Media has several sponsorship options that offer your business an opportunity to reach people like never before.

  • Hope 103.2 – our Sydney FM radio station reaching over half a million listeners each month
  • Inspire Digital – our DAB+ digital station broadcasting in Sydney
  • hope1032.com.au – our Sydney FM radio station website

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4 reasons to consider Sponsorship

  1. 311,000 different adult listeners tune in each week to Sydney’s Hope 103.2
  2. Less Clutter — only 5 mins per hour — making your business STAND out
  3. Family friendly and kid-proof messages
  4. Affordable

*McNair Yellowsquares National Listener Survey Wave No. December 2019 cumulative audience 15+