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Grief and Growing Up Explored in ‘The Adam Project’

Newcomer Walker Scobell outshines even Ryan Reynolds, in this heartfelt Netflix offering about grief and growing up.

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Some film projects can be labelled as “getting the band back together”. The Adam Project has the production team of Free Guy connecting with the world of 13 Going on 30

This could also be said of the nostalgic soundtrack that complements the whole story beautifully. Yet, the entire production rests on the shoulders of newcomer Walker Scobell, who manages to outshine the rest of this fast-talking, star-studded cast.

Adam Reid (Scobell) is a wisecracking 12-year-old who has constantly been getting into fights at school since his father died in a car accident. His mother, Ellie (Jennifer Garner), does her best to help her son survive life on the school grounds, while she grieves along with Adam.

As they try to cope with life without Louis Reed (Mark Ruffalo), something unexpected disrupts their world. When an Adam (played by Ryan Reynolds) crash lands from the future into their present, things become mind-blowingly strange and surprisingly dangerous. Mainly because the two Adams determine that in order to save the world, they must go back and stop their father Louis from inventing time travel.

Fair enough if you are wondering if The Adam Project could ever make any sense. And although it was stuck in production limbo for more than a decade, the Levy/Reynolds combination manages to make the whole adventure work.

The whimsy of the Deadpool actor’s quick combines well with the heartwarming style of the director of Night in the Museum, giving the whole thing an entertaining edge. However, due to the storyline, one unfortunate aspect of The Adam Project is Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo get minimal time together on screen. They have a rare and endearing on-screen chemistry that could have been capitalised upon even as it doesn’t detract from the overall experience.

Walker Scobell proves to be a talented discovery who manages to hold his own against Reynolds. This young actor goes toe-to-toe with him and usually comes out the victor in stealing scenes. Levy captures the charm of these two actors within the intense sci-fi elements, as well as those one-on-one moments.

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Without meaning to sound ironic, some timeline issues do make this story a tad confusing. Still, overall, it hits the mark as a captivating option for the whole family.

Reel Dialogue: A Time-Travel Comedy That’s Really About Grief

Among the comedy, family dynamics and science fiction, the underlying theme of The Adam Project is grief. Between the loss of a father and a spouse, the Reids have to address the subject of untimely deaths. Both Adam and Ellie’s experiences are relatable to anyone who has lost someone close to them during their lifetime.

Grief can manifest in different ways in people based upon their family history, their own season of life or the suddenness of the tragedy itself. Evaluating or counselling individuals through the grieving process can be long and challenging but, regardless of the length of the process, hope and peace have to come into a person’s life.

Relying on friends and family during these times is critical. Still, even those with the best intentions will fail to provide what’s most needed. Throughout a time of grief, this is another time where God is at his best. Why? He delivers the answers we need. Turning to the God of the Bible during times of loss can provide a sense of peace and hope that goes beyond comprehension.

The next question is determining where to start. Besides asking for help from a local church pastor, two critical portions of the Bible provide a great start to assist with grief: Psalms 23 and 147, and the Gospel of John.

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