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How Do I Talk to My Kids About Coronavirus?

By Hope 103.2Thursday 19 Mar 2020

The global pandemic, coronavirus (COVID-19), probably wasn’t something you had on your list of ‘what to cover off with your young children’ in 2020 — but never fear, there are many resources emerging to help you have the tough family conversations. 

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Mother comforting her young son

Kids Anxious About Coronavirus? Here’s 7 Ways to Manage Your Children’s and Teens’ Fears

By Collett Smart | Parenting

We know that we can’t shield our children, tweens and teens, because they will hear about it anyway, from peers, siblings and online. But how much is too much information? And what is age appropriate? How do we help our children, tweens and teens manage their anxiety about COVID-19? READ MORE

Dr Justin Coulson from Happy Families

Chatting on Mornings with Katrina Roe, Justin covers:

  • Helping kids deal with the disappointment of cancellations — birthday parties, play dates and more
  • Talking through the decisions you’ll have to make as a family
  • Talking through family values and how to act in a crisis

Listen: Justin Coulson on having the coronavirus conversations with your family

Dr Justin Coulson is from Happy Families. He is a sought-after public speaker and author, and former radio broadcaster. Justin has a psychology degree from the University of Queensland and a PhD in psychology from the University of Wollongong.

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Demonstration of how important it is to wash your hands

This one is in Spanish but a great visualisation:

BBC Operation Ouch’s Dr Chris and Dr Xand explaining coronavirus

WATCH: Dr Chris and Dr Xand from Operation Ouch — click on image

Dr Chris and Dr Xand - BBC's Operation Ouch for Kids

PBS Kids for Parents on ‘How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus’

📰 READ: Four tips to help your children understand what is going on and how they can be part of keeping themselves and others safe.

PBS Daniel Tiger washing hands

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