Honeymoon days – Hope 103.2

Honeymoon days

By David ReayThursday 9 Apr 2015LifeWords DevotionalsFaithReading Time: 0 minutes


Read Psalm 42:1-4

1           As the deer longs for streams of water,
                so I long for you,O God.
2           I thirst for God,the living God.
                When can I go and stand before him?
3           Day and night I have only tears for food,
                while my enemies continually taunt me,saying,
                “Where is this God of yours?”

4           My heart is breaking

                 as I remember how it used to be:
              I walked among the crowds of worshipers,
                 leading a great procession to the house of God,
              singing for joy and giving thanks
                 amid the sound of a great celebration! (NLT)

Our word ‘honeymoon’ probably derives from the habit of newly married couples in earlier times celebrating their marriage with the drinking of mead for a month following the wedding. Mead as a drink based on honey; the month was linked to the moon. Hence the time following the wedding was called a ‘honeymoon’. The word now describes any time of special happiness,often implying an air of unreality about that time. That time,happy though it might be,will pass.

Perhaps the psalmist is recalling such ‘honeymoon’ days. In his sad dryness he remembers earlier times which were filled with joy and gladness. Ironically,such happy memories can make our present sadness deeper. The contrast is painfully great.

Two things can be said about this. One is that those remembered times of gladness were real: just as real as the times of sadness we now encounter. Honeymoons may be short or passing but that doesn’t somehow make them unreal. Another thing to be said is that there are such things as ‘second honeymoons’. Or putting it another way,just because the good times have been replaced by bad times doesn’t mean the sad times last forever and the good times will never return.

Our lives are marked by seasons,by change. They are not static. True,the honeymoon doesn’t go on forever,but then again nor do the dark times. Our times of honeymooned happiness are not the only reality,but let’s be thankful for their reality in any case.

David Reay