The blessing of brokenness - Hope 103.2

The blessing of brokenness

By David ReayThursday 17 Jul 2014LifeWords DevotionalsFaithReading Time: 0 minutes


Read 2 Corinthians 11:30-33

30-31 Oh,if I am going to boast,let me boast of the things which have shown up my weakness! The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,he who is blessed for ever,knows that I speak the simple truth.

32-33 In Damascus,the town governor,acting by King Aretas’ order had men out to arrest me. I escaped by climbing through a window and being let down the wall in a basket. That’s the sort of dignified exit I can boast about. (JBP)

It is tempting to see any brokenness within us as some terrible problem which must be overcome before we can in any way be fruitful for Jesus. We must resist this temptation,using Paul as our model. Faced with the super-spiritual Christians in Corinth who figured faith was all about human might and power,Paul is only too happy to tell of his weaknesses.

It is normal and even proper for us to want to conquer our addictions,our depression,our pain,our confusion. And never forget God can take these by the scruff of the neck and deal with them powerfully and even miraculously. But he doesn’t always do this and,like Paul,we may have to endure the brokenness. And if so,we do it in a way that makes our life of faith more fruitful.

Our own woundedness helps us show compassion to fellow strugglers. It reminds us that we utterly depend on the strength of God and not our own resources. It stops us going off into an orbit of all-conquering triumphalism which puts us out of touch with ordinary Christians.

Pray for wholeness,ask for help in brokenness. But while the brokenness and lack of wholeness exist,use them to drive you deeper into the arms and the heart of an all-empowering God who never despises your weakness.

David Reay