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Money, sex, and power: Part 1

Morning Devotions is for those curious about the Christian faith and who want to explore Christian issues that relate to their daily life.

By Chris WittsThursday 1 May 2014Morning Devotions with Chris WittsUncategorizedReading Time: 0 minutes


I wonder what it’s like being a monk where every day you need to spend hours in quietness,praying to God. How would you cope with that? I think it would be quite difficult,because most of us are not used to silence. Silence is not everyone’s idea of bliss. It must take a special type of person to take the vows associated with monastic orders ─ vows of poverty,chastity and obedience. Why these 3 vows? Perhaps they represent the 3 areas of life where people are most easily tempted,money,sex and power. Think about it for a few moments.

We all know something about temptation. It happens each day in one form or another. We also know that Jesus was tempted in every way. Hebrews 4:15 says “we have a High Priest who was tempted in every way that we are,but did not sin”. At the very start of His ministry Jesus was led into the wilderness to be tempted. Read Luke 4: 1─13

Money,sex and power are not mentioned here,nor are poverty,chastity or obedience. But then Satan is very clever isn’t he,he doesn’t need words to do his damage to people. Jesus was tempted by money,relationships and power. The same areas of life that you and I will be tempted in to one degree or another.  Satan said to Jesus out in the desert,”If you are the Son of God,tell these stones to become bread”. Here was a temptation to turn something of no value into something of real value. Quite intriguing. Jesus could have done it; after all He turned water into wine. Jesus could have laughed all the way to the bank,so to speak. He had the power to do anything He wanted to.