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Watching for the Messiah

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By Chris WittsWednesday 15 May 2013Morning Devotions with Chris WittsUncategorizedReading Time: 0 minutes


One of life’s most exasperating experiences is waiting for a letter – a letter that will never arrive.

Going to the mail box with key in hand,with hopes as high as heaven,with dreams that conjure up happiness and thrilling action,is the first part of the story. Opening the box and scanning through its contents,then experiencing a moment of deflation,of utter despondency,as the realisation hits – the expected letter has not arrived today. Then comes the final part of the story: retracing one’s steps with questions popping out like popcorn from a hot frypan,and to every question spurts a tangle of alternative answers to which no confirmation can be given. Why? Why?

One’s mind turns to the other party – the party who should have written the letter. Reasons and excuses are drawn from the imagination to temporarily explain the delay,and to build up one’s hope that tomorrow the letter will come.

So many people in the generations before the coming of Christ experienced the waiting,the longing,the hoping for the coming of the Saviour,promised by God to the world. Many departed this life not having the promise fulfilled. Two people in particular trusted and waited and were rewarded.

One,a godly man,Simeon,went to the Jerusalem temple and waited until he saw a man and a woman enter the temple with a child. He took this child in his arms and prayed as no other man ever prayed. While he was speaking with the mother of the child,an old prophetess,Anna,who spent most of her time at the temple,entered and immediately she burst into thanksgiving to God.

God’s message of love and peace to the world had arrived in the form of a baby,His own Son,and was acknowledged by these two devout worshippers.

Both Simeon and An na experienced a moment of elation when the realisation came to them that God’s promise to the world was fulfilled in the baby called Jesus. No longer did they ask why the Lord delayed His message. Their moment of elation would not fade,but would increase in intensity as the growing realisation of what God was doing and saying through the Christ Child would continue to flood their minds.

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In times past,to many persons hopeful of God’s intentions being fulfilled in their lifetime,the message never arrived,but to the two who experienced with the parents the joy of the presence of the heaven-sent Child – God incarnate – bringing His timely and timeless message to mankind,there came the ecstasy of fulfilled expectation. To many persons since that time others have carried the message,fittingly called the good news,the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So today the mission of the Christian is to tell the world of Jesus,He whom John declared was the Logos – the expression of God,existing before the creation of the world and revealed in human form late in the world’s history.

The benefits of all that the gospel promises can only be appropriated by those who repent of sin and believe in Christ as God’s Son and Saviour of mankind. Every man,woman and child seeking these benefits must consciously,willingly and purposefully seek for themselves through God’s Holy Spirit the eternal friendship of Jesus – and in so doing acknowledge God’s message of peace,hope and love.