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Always poor and needy

By David ReayMonday 1 Jul 2013LifeWords DevotionalsFaithReading Time: 0 minutes


Read Psalm 70

1 Please,God,rescue me!
     Come quickly,LORD,and help me.
2 May those who try to kill me
     be humiliated and put to shame.
   May those who take delight in my trouble
     be turned back in disgrace.
3 Let them be horrified by their shame,
     for they said,”Aha! We’ve got him now!”
4 But may all who search for you
     be filled with joy and gladness in you.
   May those who love your salvation
     repeatedly shout,”God is great!”
5 But as for me,I am poor and needy;
     please hurry to my aid,O God.
   You are my helper and my saviour;
     O LORD,do not delay. (NLT)

The heading to this Psalm in most of our translations has it as a Psalm of David. In which case,let’s focus on the very last verse. This supreme ruler of his nation,which was then near the height of its powers,confesses that he is poor and needy. Doubtless because he was under attack from those wanting to bring him down. One of the problems of getting to the top is that there are others who want to be there instead!

But such a sentiment is true for each of us. We are always poor and needy. No matter how rich and powerful we are,we are impoverished without the help of God. No matter that we might be in the prime of life,we still need God. Our God is not the one we turn to simply when our faculties and strength start failing,when we have lost all we thought we had. We are to turn to him in humble dependence irrespective of circumstances.

One reason Jesus warned of the dangers of riches was that they tended to make us self-sufficient,believing we could live independently of God. A rich and famous king like David could not do so. Each day we are to admit our utter poverty and our deep need. Not out of any sense of worthlessness,and not as an expression of sheer misery.

Rather,we fling ourselves on God because no matter how great or small our resources,we need him to live life as he wants us to live it. Admitting our poverty enriches us. Admitting our need empowers us.

David Reay

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