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International Women’s Day: A Letter to Daughters

"My prayer for you is that you walk bravely and boldly in life. Shoulders back, chin high, you’ve got this. You were born at exactly the right moment..."

By Ally BarnesWednesday 8 Mar 2023Hope BreakfastTrendingReading Time: 3 minutes

International Women’s Day isn’t tokenistic. It’s necessary. Until gender equality exists for all people, in all places. But it can be difficult to know how to engage in the day.

There’s been criticism of IWD morning teas, and the handing out of pink cupcakes instead of efforts to close Australia’s gender pay gap. The latest data shows that for every dollar earned by a man working full-time, their female counterpart makes 87c.

Things are changing. Not as fast as we’d like, but progress is being made.

On Hope Breakfast, Producer Celeste Stevens shared the letter she wrote her daughters this IWD, a tradition she’s done for 6 years. 

She encouraged her daughters to be confident in their God-given identity, and to use their voice to make change:

Dear Adelaide and Hazel,

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Another year of you both growing and learning. I keep telling you to stay little, but with a roll of your eyes and an exaggerated “muuuuuum”, you keep growing.

In the lead up to International Women’s Day, I spent time pondering what words I want to share with you this year. I don’t take it lightly that I’m raising 2 girls, there’s so much pressure to get everything right, to tick all the boxes and prove that we’re capable. I want you to know who you are, I want you to have more confidence then I did, to know how to be brave and have hard conversations. It’s so cliched but I want you to learn from what I could have done better. Stand on my shoulders, and I’ll stand on my tippy toes so you reach that bit further.

The truth is, we’re not yet where we should be. It’s gotten better, but there’s so much further to go to create an equal playing field. It feels frustrating at times that there’s things we’re still fighting for, but we’re so lucky in this country, so many don’t have the same rights that we do. But each small step forward creates change. Each time you stand up for yourself or your friend, each time you raise your hand to ask a hard question, each time you say ‘No’ and put a boundary in place, each time you take a step forward, each time you use your voice, you create change.

My prayer for you is that you walk bravely and boldly in life. Shoulders back, chin high, you’ve got this. You were born at exactly the right moment, who you are and what you have brought to the world is desperately needed. Keep bringing your love, joy and kindness. Spread it around like confetti! Make a beautiful tapestry of colour and love and kindness everywhere you go.

My darling girls, forever remember, you have a strong mind, a brave spirit and a kind heart. You are capable of anything, enable others to also succeed, the table is big enough for us all, and if it’s not, grab another seat and make space.

All my love,
Mum xx