"One of the Scariest Things I've been Through" – Mansfield Resident, Earthquake Epicentre - Hope 103.2

“One of the Scariest Things I’ve been Through” – Mansfield Resident, Earthquake Epicentre

John Hodson is part of Mansfield Christian Fellowship. And, yesterday was a day unlike any other for the Victorian Mansfield community.

Listen: Mansfield resident John Hodson speaks about the earthquake's impact with Hope Afternoon's Ben McEachen

By Ben McEachenThursday 23 Sep 2021Hope AfternoonsTrendingReading Time: 1 minute

On Wednesday morning this week, John Hodson was getting ready at home to do what he does every Wednesday.

John is part of Mansfield Christian Fellowship in Victoria’s High Country.

Every Wednesday, John and other members of the Fellowship put on a Food Pantry. Throughout the pandemic, it has been a practical support to a regional community living in the shadow of Mount Buller.

But yesterday was different to any other day John has experienced since retiring in Mansfield years ago.

Yesterday, the unexpected tremors of a magnitude 6 earthquake shook his house. And all of Mansfield. And most of Victoria, and beyond.

Hope 103.2 spoke with John a few hours after the shocks to check in on the town next to the earthquake’s epicentre.

What happened to the Food Pantry yesterday? Listen to the full interview to find out.

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