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What Would You Put In a 2020 Time Capsule? Here’s The Starter List…

We asked you today on Hope Breakfast what you would put into a time capsule that encapsulates 2020. Here are the items you chose...

Listen: Hopeland shares what items they would include in a time capsule about 2020

By Sam RobinsonWednesday 23 Sep 2020Hope BreakfastTrendingReading Time: 2 minutes

As I was scrolling through the news this morning, I read that on this very day in 1939, a time capsule was buried at the World’s Fair in New York City. On the outside of the capsule is a note stating that it must not be opened until the year 6939. Yes, in 5000 years. Don’t believe me? Watch this wonderful piece of film history…

That time capsule contained such relics as a spool of thread, a doll, a vial of staple food crop seeds, a microscope, and a 15-minute RKO Pathé Pictures newsreel. Microfilm spools condensed the contents of a Sears Roebuck catalog, dictionary, almanac, and other texts. Like you, I also hope that in the year 6939 there’s still the technology available to view these things.

This year has been one we won’t forget for many years to come – but also a year that should be recorded for future generations to learn from. So, we asked you today on Hope Breakfast what you would put into a time capsule that encapsulates 2020. You can hear some great calls above, but following are some of the texts that came through.

What You, Hopeland, Would Put in a 2020 Time Capsule

You have to include some (unused) swabs in the time capsule. –Anonymous

Hand sanitiser, gloves, a face mask, hazmat suit, seeds and a can of spam. –Anonymous

I’d put a photo book collection of how people have come together and stayed connected throughout lockdown. –Michelle

Definitely need a guide for parents on how to teach math to their children who are “learning from home”. –Belinda

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Our family would like to include a Bible, praise and worship CD and some video clips of all the fun social media challenges the world got up to. –Anonymous

I think Trump is going to win the US election so I would put a copy of his hairpiece in. I have no idea how we would explain it to anyone in the future. –Anonymous

A screenshot of TikTok –Anonymous

A headset engraved with “sorry, I was on mute”. –Matthew

Toilet paper! –Anonymous

I reckon some clothing because in 5000 years our clothing is going to look really old fashioned. –Daniel

A negative COVID-19 test result with thumbs up and smiley faces on it. How the negatives are actually the positive things in 2020! –Anonymous

What about a vial of vaccine? –Clive

Pieces of cardboard with the BLM movement. –Anonymous

Ooshies –Margaret

A frozen pizza because I don’t want pizza to go extinct. –Anonymous

A 1.5 metre ruler… if it will fit! –Rod

Instructions on how to make and run a buffet. Bring back the Buffet! –Beau

Yeah – I’m with Beau on that one. People in the year 7020 better have buffets! –Anonymous