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We Are Messengers – A Great Night out for Sydney Families

With 11 consecutive top 10 radio singles, We Are Messenger's new album 'Where the Joy Is' will be released on April 5th.

By Joni BoydThursday 8 Feb 2024Station NewsReading Time: 3 minutes

When We Are Messengers performed last week, Sydney came out in force, for a night of family fun and worship.

The US based band put on a fantastic show, performing several of their hits including Image of God, Everything Comes Alive and Where the Joy Is.

With an upbeat atmosphere, there was excitement in the air. It was a beautiful opportunity to enjoy good music – and to worship.

We Are Messengers, Photo by Norm Lugtu

Lead singer Darren Mulligan is a livewire and mixes Irish preacher, party starter and soulful singer into a one-person explosion of Jesus praise.

There were constant reminders to be all about Jesus, all the time. Darren never seems to tire of encouraging people to be joyful and real when it comes to faith in Jesus.

Mulligan did a steady job of inciting a laidback party vibe with his “Dad” dancing and crowd participation.

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Nathan Tasker also performed on the night, bringing his signature story telling style to the stage. In his first live show in Sydney for years, Nathan enjoyed playing for his home crowd, with his parents and family in the crowd.

Nathan took a moment to share about the importance of child sponsorship, telling a funny story about his own journey to become a Compassion Child Sponsor.

Several decades ago, Nathan bragged to his housemate that he was going to sponsor a child.

However, Nathan was not the kind of person who followed through on plans. His housemate knew that and, while Nathan was sleeping that night, took his credit card and signed him up for sponsorship with Compassion.

The first Nathan knew about it was three weeks later when Compassion sent him a thank you letter. Since then, Nathan has been able to visit his sponsor child and to learn his whole family became introduced to Jesus through Compassion’s link with local churches.

Hope Brekky’s Brendan and Danniebelle said they had a great time, chatting with Hopelanders and meeting listeners who had won the tickets, putting faces to the voices they had spoken with on air.

They were particularly struck by some of the conversations they had with listeners. “A social worker who drives clients all morning said she listens to Hope Brekky every day,” Danniebelle says. “Because of that, two of her clients have asked about Jesus and a relationship with Him.”

Brendan recalls a couple who are business owners, explaining that they play Hope 103.2 in their store. They shared how people often ask what music is playing and what station it is. “It opens up opportunities for conversations about what Hope is and the core of who we are, Jesus,” he says.

We Are Messengers, Hope Brekky and Mornings, Photo by Norm Lugtu

We Are Messengers is committed to writing intimate earthly Psalms for messy broken people. Their mission is to engage culture in conversation about the goodness of God and work to create music which relates to all of us – the outsider, the marginalized, the lost and the least. Is there anything more important than this?

With 11 consecutive top 10 radio singles, We Are Messenger’s new album Where the Joy Is will be released on April 5th. 

Featured image: All photos by @norm.lugtu