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We Love Our Hopeland Volunteers!

As a community radio station, Hope 103.2 relies on the help of our volunteers during appeal and throughout the year.

By Joni BoydTuesday 5 Dec 2023Station NewsReading Time: 3 minutes

Today is International Volunteers Day – the perfect opportunity to say thank you to our wonderful volunteers!

As a community radio station, Hope 103.2 is not only listener funded but also relies on the help of our volunteers during appeal and throughout the year.

As Relationship Manager Daniel Frendo says, “To make Hope 103.2 tick, it requires many. A vital and amazing group of people, who have been the fabric of Hope 103.2 for many years, is the wonderful volunteers.” Daniel’s role includes regularly communicating and interacting with our volunteers – he gets a first-hand view into the impact volunteers have on the behind the scenes running of Hope 103.2.

“A vital part of Hope 103.2’s success and longevity is undoubtedly our volunteers,” Daniel says.

Hope 103.2’s Community Relations Administrator Brittany Garcia particularly enjoys getting to know the volunteers as she works alongside Daniel, coordinating our volunteers. “I have been so blessed,” she says. “Getting to meet people who love the station and Jesus so much that they want to commit their time to come in and help us is both intriguing and humbling.”

“Volunteers are a huge help to me and the staff as they help carry the load of appeal, prayer support for our listeners and much more,” Brittany says. “They provide fresh faces and stories, a new wave of energy that we sometimes need during busy times, and it is great fun getting to know them and hear their stories. It also gives them the chance to meet the people they love listening to on-air so it’s a win for all!”

Hope 103.2 volunteers Kat Hosking (left) and Segavao Tauavez (right) during November appeal 2023.

Hope 103.2 volunteers Kat (left) and Segavao (right) during November appeal 2023.

Two such volunteers were in our office recently, taking calls during appeal.

Segavao began volunteering with Hope 103.2 this year. “I wanted to sow into something that’s advancing the Kingdom that benefits others,” she says. “I’ve always loved media and the power that it has to spread the word of Jesus.”

Hope 103.2 is proudly supported by

Having felt prompted to volunteer with us, Segavao contacted the station and offered her help. “I love the vision statement. When we have that type of mission and vision, why wouldn’t you want to sow into that?” the fulltime warehouse administrator says. “I really enjoy coming here and seeing what happens. It’s like a paradigm shift, seeing what’s behind the scenes.”

Our Mission: To impact people with experiences of God’s love so that they may become more like Christ and the world more like the Kingdom.

“I loved it coming in to volunteer because a lot of the phone calls I’ve taken were generational – they say they love it and their kids love it. We serve a generational God and I love that hope spreads across every generation.”

This year, over 14 volunteers have helped keep the appeals running, with around half of them being new additions to the team. Most volunteers come into the station, while some answer phones from home, with volunteers giving between 9 and 36 hours over a 10-day appeal. We also have a very special volunteer helping with our H&P Newsletter, with dozens volunteering to pray regularly for these needs.

People like Kat have taken personal responsibility for keeping Hope 103.2 on air. “We’ve been long-term financial supporters,” the mother of three says. “More and more we’ve grown to recognise the depth at which Hope 103.2 can touch people’s lives.”

For Kat, volunteering with Hope 103.2 is about helping spread hope across Sydney.

“If we could put Christian radio in all homes, how much impact would that have in this nation?”

“It’s exciting when the numbers are going up – it feels like you’re working together on that goal. There’s an air of excitement because you’re working towards a goal with other people,” Kat says.

When asked what she’d say to anyone considering volunteering with Hope 103.2, “get involved!” Kat says. “This is our radio station. and by volunteering you get to make that stand and contribute. There might be people that financially couldn’t contribute as much as they want to, but maybe they have time and that’s a way that they could contribute.”

As Daniel says, “The Hope 103.2 volunteers add a spark and vibrancy to the building and team like no other. Our volunteers are the very definition of community.”

From the Hope 103.2 team – we’d like to say thank you to all our volunteers. What you do truly makes a difference!

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