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We Can All Share Hope – Fred’s Story

Fred is intentional about sharing the hope of Jesus - something he encourages us all to do. And it isn't as difficult as it may seem...

By Joni BoydThursday 16 Nov 2023Station NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Fred is an Uber driver with a big heart. He partners with Hope 103.2 to share the love of Jesus with his passengers.

“It’s more than just being a driver,” Fred says of his work. “You’re meeting a lot of people who are doing it real hard with what’s been going on in the world.”

Fred takes every opportunity to share hope with whoever he meets, by playing Hope 103.2 in his car, while he makes his rounds. “I’ve been used in an area that I never ever thought that I would be, as a driver.”

Fred recalls one passenger who was clearly distressed. “I just said to him, ‘how are you going?’ and he said, ‘I’m not well.’”
God was working in this situation and right at that moment, the Hope 103.2 presenters were encouraging listeners that it’s ok to not be ok. And that God knows and cares about our suffering.

“He told me that he had just been served up his divorce papers. We had quite a long ride together and I was able to end up praying with him. It’s amazing how the Lord works!”

Fred is intentional about sharing hope. “When people are coming into my Uber, I’m praying for the Lord to send me people like this. I’ve realised how much impact Hope is having on air. It’s very important that we’re able to support the station.”

Fred’s advice to those wanting to have an impact on those around them? “Put Hope 103.2 on in your car with your friends and family. It’s very important just to name Jesus. It’s got impact, it’s got power. That sort of stuff you won’t know straight away but people contact you down the track and they say, ‘it was because of you that day that I heard a message in your Uber and I’m now living for Jesus.’ That to me is amazing.”

“I encourage others, get behind this station because we need this voice in Sydney. Especially in times like this, we really need to share Jesus with so many broken people out there. There’s more than you’ll ever know.”

Thank you, Fred and thank you, to all our generous supporters. When so much around us has changed – the hope of the Gospel remains – for us all to share.

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