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Hope When You’re Sinking – Alison’s Story

Allison’s story highlights the power to share the hope everybody needs… real hope: on-air, online and in lives across our city.

By Joni BoydMonday 13 Nov 2023Station NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

Allison and her family lost everything in the 2021 floods, and unfortunately the tragedy didn’t end there. But it was through Hope 103.2 that she found hope and healing.  

Allison and her husband became stranded near their home when the flood waters rose rapidly, in 2021. “We were stuck out there for two weeks, with just a generator. It got so bad that my husband jumped in the flood water to grab some lamb chops that were floating in the water, just so we could eat.”

By the time the rain returned in 2022, they had moved higher up the mountain and had been assured they would be safe. Nevertheless, they lost their home again in February. And devastatingly, again for a third time, later that year.

“I was five months pregnant at the time, pushing out the car and I finally escaped. I was sitting at the Windsor Bowling Club… I’m in tears. I don’t know what to do and I’m asking God, ‘please send someone my way’. I put on the radio station and I kid you not, it was so relating to me. Every message and song.”

Allison’s story highlights this powerful opportunity, to share something everybody needs… real hope: on-air, online and in lives across our city.

Having lost her home three times and with a baby on the way, Allison was struggling to understand how any of it made sense. “I was ready to give up. I had lost everything. My whole life I’ve done nothing but lose and lose and lose… I now know it’s because the enemy knows that God can use me for His Kingdom… and I actually learnt that from David Reay.“

Allison is now the proud mother of a healthy little boy and is studying to become a nurse.

“I honestly wouldn’t have recovered as fast as I did if it had not been for the messages. You guys gave me hope.”

It’s people like you, whose support today will keep Hope on the air, online, and on demand for people in a situation like Allison’s. Our city needs the hope we share. Thank you for your generosity.

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