Your Messages – What Hope Has Meant to You in 2020 - Hope 103.2

Your Messages – What Hope Has Meant to You in 2020

We are community-funded media that exists "to impact people with experiences of God’s love." Here are your messages of encouragement.

By Hope 103.2Wednesday 4 Nov 2020Hope BreakfastStation NewsReading Time: 3 minutes

Hope 103.2 wouldn’t exist without the ongoing financial support from our listening, online and social media communities.

We are community-funded media that exists “to impact people with experiences of God’s love so that they may become more like Christ and the world more like the Kingdom” (Mission Vision).

Chris shares his incredible story

From a 20-year gambling addiction that created “a hole inside his heart that could never be filled” to listening to Hope 103.2 – “the only station he liked listening to at the time…”


“Hope was the only ministry I was really getting and had pointed me towards Jesus,” –Chris

Here are some of the messages you sent us this week about why you continue to support Hope 103.2 – it comes back to you!

Messages of Encouragement from Hopeland

Listening to Hope 103.2 almost every morning between 6am-11am (intermittently) this year – despite the loss of my best friend (stroke), my own health (open heart surgery in August) and my three part-time jobs –gave me a sense of gratitude. To be alive, here in Australia, to have family and friends (church) and a radio station like Hope 103.2. –Michael

So grateful to Hope for your positive and joyful message. You are a constant in the middle of so much upheaval this year. And congratulations Anita Savage, for your balanced and soothing presentation of the news. God bless. –Yvonne

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Like many others I’ve been WFH since March. Living on my own it was too quiet so I’ve had Hope103.2 on in the background all day, every day – keeping me company. I believe that has also strengthened my faith with the songs and spots, etc. during the day. And, Hope has helped to keep me feeling positive too when it would have been so easy to be pessimistic. Thank you Hope! –Kathrine

My stepson has discovered that he loves trivia! We hear his radio alarm go off at six in the morning as he gets out of bed and grabs the phone and hovers over the radio, waiting for the time to call. This has alleviated the struggle of getting him out of bed and up and moving on a school morning! It also improves his attitude and relationship towards me as we sit and work together and answer the trivia questions together. –Daniel

I had dinner with some friends last week – we were talking about how hard 2020 had been on their mental health. I was amazed when, talking about what had helped, they said: I found hope 103.2 in the mornings and the positivity of Sam and Duncan – it just helped as a turning point out of some serious lowness. –Sam

Hope lifts up my spirits each day. Thank you. –Anna

Terrible year. Mom died on December 22 last year. Fires all around home, Wentworth Falls, start of the year. Retrenched last December. Coronavirus lockdown. Carer for dad and he passed away August 20. His brother died two weeks after him. Their brother-in-law died two weeks later. I’ve found out that I’m very good at getting jobs. Even in hard economic times. Some I couldn’t start because of COVID. Got a job now and going better. Hope has brought me strength through the music and stories of hope throughout these hard times. God Bless. –Paul

Sam & Dunc, your banter is 20/10 and Hope 103.2 is just such a light for our city. You represent Jesus well. So thankful for Hope103.2! –Alana

My 2020 has been pretty awful. I’m so grateful that I can start my day with some encouragement and positivity. –Sharlene

If there is one thing I enjoyed this year, it is being able to share all my puns with you guys. The good and the bad, the funny and the sad. –Joel

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