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Volunteering From Home — A New Challenge

We're thankful we've still been able to find ways to connect with a small representation of our beloved group of volunteers during this unprecedented year.

By Hope 103.2Monday 29 Jun 2020Station NewsReading Time: 4 minutes

In past appeals, our Tally Room has been able to host up to eight volunteers to assist the Hope 103.2 team in taking your phone donations and hearing the incredible stories you share with us. So, with new pandemic restrictions in place that has limited us to staff-only in the studios, we’re thankful we’ve still been able to find a way to connect with a small representation of our beloved group of volunteers.

Set up to take phone donations securely from their homes, and Zoomed in to the Tally Room to feel a part of the action happening in there each day with our team leaders, producers and on-air announcers, one dedicated volunteer has shared her experience so far.


Pronunciation tip: “as in diary”

Volunteer Ngaire profile photo

How long have you been volunteering, and what made you decide to volunteer with Hope 103.2?

Our business was in Seven Hills too, and I would drive down from the Central Coast at least once a week — that’s when I found Hope 103.2 and when I became a sponsor. We sold the business in 2016 and I decided that I would volunteer/mentor wherever (not just at Hope), and for as long as I am able.

Where in the house are you taking Together in Hope June Appeal phone calls from?

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From my home office where I used to previously work remotely from for our business in NSW and QLD. How? With my laptop to take calls/donations and another device next to me so I can hear and see the Tally Room — though I don’t actually hear the radio! I take that device’s earpiece out when a call comes in on my laptop so as to not be distracted. Being aware of what is happening in the Tally Room helps me when talking with supporters on the phone, particularly if their donation was prompted by a current challenge.

With only two days remaining, what have you noticed are the big differences between this and past appeals?

I’m loving that I can assist Hope 103.2 remotely but can still feel and sense (but not smell) the atmosphere in the Tally Room. I find it challenging that when I “Whoop, whoop” my Labradors look at me (head tilted) like “What are you doing, mum?”

Volunteer Ngaire's labradors

Has there been a supporter story that’s stayed with you?

This morning, a supporter said she was using monies from her “Fun Fund” as a sacrifice of praise for the blessing of Hope 103.2 in her life during recent times.

What do you do outside of volunteering with Hope 103.2?

Since selling our business, I can help where, whatever and whenever others need me — be it family, friends, neighbours or strangers.

Also, exercise to remain ‘fit and healthy’; swim;  walking; singing lessons; tap dancing; playing Bananagrams (if I can find anyone willing to play with me); knitting (make up own patterns for knee rugs, etc.) and writing comic retorts on Facebook posts!

I also use my own Facebook page daily to share scripture; songs and quotes to encourage both my Christian friends and others who know I am.

What’s the most challenging aspect of the pandemic and 2020 restrictions?

Trying to maintain a balance between caring, loving and embracing my elderly father and in-laws (all in their 80s; in their own homes) and not compromising their health, my health or others.

Volunteer Ngaire with her Dad

Is there a positive that’s come out of this pandemic for you?

My positive outcome is best described in the words of this hymn by Francis A. Blackmer, 1884, confirming — even more so in the present circumstances — my way grows brighter as I trust Him more!

Once I thought I walked with Jesus,
Yet such changeful feelings had,
Sometimes trusting, sometimes doubting,
Sometimes joyful, sometimes sad.

Oh, the peace my Savior gives,
Peace I never knew before!
And my way has brighter grown
Since I’ve learned to trust Him more.

But He called me closer to Him,
Bade my doubts and fears all cease,
And, when I had fully yielded,
Filled my soul with perfect peace.

Now I’m trusting every moment,
Nothing less can be enough;
And my Savior bears me gently
O’er the places once so rough.

Blessed Savior, Thou dost keep me
By Thy pow’r from day to day,
And my heart is full of gladness,
For Thou’lt keep me all the way.

Either now or pre-COVID, what do you enjoy doing on the weekend?

In the past two years, I have successfully auditioned, once a year, for the local musical society shows — My Fair Lady 2018 and Strictly Ballroom 2019. I was hoping it would have been 42nd Street this July/August! I enjoy rehearsals over a three or four month period and then three weekends of shows, and I’m looking forward to it returning one day!

Volunteer Ngaire in My Fair Lady Production

Volunteer Ngaire in Strictly Ballroom community threatre

We hope to return to our full capacity Volunteering program one day, soon enough. So, if you would like to find out more about Volunteering with Hope 103.2, you can fill out an application form here.

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