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Sam’s Isolation Poetry: Odes to Shopping Lists, Take-Away, and Jigsaw Puzzles

By Hope 103.2Thursday 30 Apr 2020Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

Hope Breakfast listeners will be familiar with Sam Robinson’s poems – a weekly highlight of the show, in which he taps into his sensitive side, and pays poetic tribute to something he’s most grateful for that week. Lately he’s been writing odes to things he never expected to love so much. Come back here for more instalments as the weeks roll by…

Sam’s Poem for Shopping Lists

Toilet paper panic! The headlines did cry
News vision of trolleys with rolls stacked on high

And now weeks later it’s starting to seem
Toilet paper is back, and, it’s not a dream

Yet due to a bunch of isolation baking sneaks
Shelves have been missing flour for weeks

And it appears my house has become of that ilk
As my fridge is clean out of full cream milk

But as I try to shop less often, and keep a social distance
I know filling the fridge and pantry requires some assistance.

You help me as I shop ensuring nothing will be missed,
So thank you, small yet detailed paper shopping list.

Sam’s Poem for Take-Away Meals

COVID-19 has changed our lives dramatically,
Updates and advice changing gradually

Hope 103.2 is proudly supported by

It feels like ages since publically we could roam,
And right now it’s clear it’s best to isolate at home.

The internet allows many of us to work remote,
Though PJs and slippers aren’t work clothes – we must all take note.

And though, through supermarkets many still push and shove,
We must bid farewell to other gathering-spots we love.

But when our PM shut down restaurants, he gave one caveat:
That meals could be delivered direct, straight to my welcome mat.

For when I must self-isolate, and some comfort I need to feel,
I’m thankful for you: No-contact, Delivered, Take-Away Meal.

Sam’s Poem for Jigsaw Puzzles

What a new way of life, keeping safe inside our homes;
Often-buffering internet, helping us feel less alone.

No playgrounds to climb, no gyms to sweat out,
Leaving just the lounge room and yard to move about

There’s many things to thank in this world of COVID-Nineteen;
Toilet paper, hand sanitiser, and my television screen.

And if we have to leave our house, we can all thank the existence
Of our PM’s persistence of maintaining social distance.

But when we self-isolate, there’s one thing that’s essential
Although it can’t be eaten, it remains experiential;

Pour it out onto a bench and the pieces I tousle,
So thank you, Now-Undeniably-Essential, Jigsaw Puzzle.

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