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Sam’s Poem to… Baked Beans

By Natalie BennettTuesday 15 Sep 2020Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

The long overdue ode to the often overlooked pantry staple. In Sam’s poem today he shines a spotlight on the humble baked beans.

Listen: Sam’s Poem to… Baked Beans

A Poem to Baken Beans

Midday arrives, it’s already been a long day
Stomach grumbling out quite a deafening display
And so I delve into my depleted kitchen
To rustle up some lunch just like a magician

Haven’t bought eggs or pasta for weeks
Can’t make soup – got no veggies or leeks
Alas the refrigerator lies fairly vacant
Except for an odour proving quite the repellent.

But when the fridge is empty and I don’t want to shop
Opening the pantry reveals you’re readily in stock
You spread out on toast with artistic scenes
So thank you, can of delicious baked beans

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