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Sam’s Poem to 2020

An ode to quite a year... curveballs and surprises, you’ve given us plenty, so thank you and goodbye, Year of our Lord 2020.

By Natalie BennettWednesday 16 Dec 2020Hope BreakfastStation NewsReading Time: 1 minute

Breakfast with Sam & Duncan are celebrating their last week for 2020, and there’s lots about this year we’re all ready to say ‘farewell’ to. So, join us for the final ‘Sam’s Poem to…’ and farewell to the year 2020. 

Listen: Sam reads his Poem to 2020 live in Breakfast with Sam & Duncan 

Sam’s Poem to 2020

Here we are, the end of an unprecedented year
One that blindsided us like headlights to a deer
Bushfires and floods, a pandemic declared
Stripped shelves of paper white and squared

Social distancing, QR codes, hand sanitiser,
Zoom fatigue, online learning, Gladys’ daily presser
Four square metre rule, masks proposed
Working from home, track pants, borders closed

Though you rightly may be our hardest year yet
You taught us resilience we will not soon forget
Curveballs and surprises, you’ve given us plenty
So thank you and goodbye, Year of our Lord 2020