Final 8 Revealed - Sam & Duncan's Master of the (Hopeland) Universe – Hope 103.2

Final 8 Revealed – Sam & Duncan’s Master of the (Hopeland) Universe

It's been a massive nine month journey and here we stand at the final two weeks of Sam & Duncan's Masters of the Hopeland Universe Leaderboard.

By Hope 103.2Wednesday 19 Aug 2020Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

It’s been a massive nine month journey and here we stand at the final two weeks of Sam & Duncan’s Masters of the Hopeland Universe Leaderboard.

In case you missed it, Sam & Duncan revealed the Top 16 contestants, who across the next two weeks will battle it out in a knockout competition every morning at 6:20am and 8:10am until we find our grand champion (and winner of the Masters of the Hopeland Universe Hamper) on Friday 4th December.

The Top 8 will head into the heats with a real advantage: they will get to pick a specialist topic for trivia. In the heats, the competitor who gets the best of five questions will move through to the next round.

And in case you were curious, here’s the Top 5 as announced this morning:

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Watch this space as we update the state of play each day!

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The Prize

To be the Master of the (Hopeland) Universe, you’ve got to have a HUGE hamper of prizes at your disposal to help you rule your universe. Breakfast with Sam & Duncan have wasted no time in gathering together this epic hamper of prizes for the final Master of the (Hopeland) Universe winner.

Sam & Duncan’s Master’s of the Universe Prize hamper includes:

As well as:

  • 2 cans of creamy rice (??)
  • Dog + cat + fish food
  • 3 pack Kinder Surprise
  • Bag of cashews (as long as you’re not allergic to nuts)
  • Succulent plant (from Sam’s collection)
  • Bro-yo (like a normal yo-yo but better)
  • New car!… well a matchbox car
  • Hand sanitiser + face mask + hand lotion
  • Can of Spam
  • Easy Healthy Tasty cookbook by Charity Spalding (APD) & Jennifer Richards

Sam & Duncan’s Master of the Universe Major Prizes

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